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Jasper & Lucia Sculpture Garden

A life's work

In the garden we expose our collection of various international sculptors as well as Lucia's own work.

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When we bought the house in 2004 it was an arid with one ailing poplar. After countless hours of work and dedication it became the garden as we love it now, with lots of different flowering trees and shrubs attracting insects and birds. The pond hosts an abundance of fish and frogs.

Dispersed between the plants we placed our collection of sculptures from international artists and an increasing number of sculptures by myself.

Lode Tibos (Belgium), Temba Balamu, Chenjerai Chiripanyanga, Chituwa Jemali, Josiah Manzi (Zimbabwe),  and several Dutch ceramists: Christine Jetten, Connie Minnema, Nell Boerma, Paul Degenaar.

The garden is open for visitors after previous appointmen by email:

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