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Lucia Beijlsmit

Lucia was born in Amsterdam and was raised The Hague/Holland; married and lived for 4 years in El Salvador, then moved with her family to Angola and actually lives in Spain where she formed as a sculptor, especially carving stone.

Travelling the world and the different cultures she met,  have left their marks on her life and work and in her choice of her collection of contemporary art.

Her speciality is stone carving, where she enjoys experimenting with straight lines and curves, equilibrium, openings and cavities,  and  emphasizes  asymmetry,  in search of contrasts and the inside of the stone.

She is completely aware of the fact that she cannot improve nature. She just wants to add something personal, maintaining at the same time the characteristics of the stone as close as possible to its original state. Respecting the imperfections it may have. She seeks to emphasize the contrast between colors, lines and curves in the surface before and after carving and polishing.



            15th of March - 22nd of May, Lo que oculta la piedra (What hides the stone), Centro de Recepción de Visitantes Tajo Internacional. Salorino

            19 th of  April - 3rd of May, Trashumancias, los relatos de la lana (The stories of the wool), Ateneo, Cáceres


           March, participation in the exhibition of the School of Fine Arts 25 years, Eulogio Blasco, Cáceres
          29 June - August, participation in the exhibition Extremadura Vaciada, Pintores 10, Cáceres
          21 September - November, solo exhibition Lo que esconde la Piedra, Cambio de Sentido hall, ONCE, Madrid
          24-28 ~October Artist in Residence Valdelarte, Valdelarco, Huelva, Andalusi

         25 September - 23 October ARS Natura, Artists for the environment, Sala del Real Alcazar, Seville
         25 October - 29 January 2023, Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo Fundaición ONCE, CentroCentro Madrid
         December, Initiativa Cultura, Valdelarte, Festival Natura, Cadiz

         16 May, The Mourning of the Flowers, Valdeflores, Cáceres
          18 May, Works of Art with Nature, International Museum Day, Museo Vostell Malpartida de Cáceres,
          16/27 September, Singing Stones and Dancing Paintings, The Hague, The Netherlands




Cuando cantan las piedras, Casa de la Cultura Villafranca de los Barros, Extremadura, España


Un rebaño trashumante - Invierno Centro de Vias Pecuarias, Malpartida de Cáceres, España


Un rebaño trashumante - Verano, Cordél de Alcántara, frente a la ermita de Santa Ana, Salorino, España

Un rebaño trashumante - Verano/otoño Quinta particular Marvão, Portugal

Un rebaño trashumante - Otoño, Jardín particular, Madrid, España

Un rebaño trashumante - Invierno,  mirador de Piornal, España

VI Simposio Artístico Internacional de la Lana en El Arreciado. Artista seleccionado. Sevilleja de la Jara. España


Equilibrio Exposición colectiva itinerante de Médicos Mundi para la concienciación del Sida en África. Don Benito, Badajoz; Villanueva de La Serena, Badajoz.

La Tabula Calda, Mérida


Individual, Restaurante El Encinar, Cáceres, España


Individual, Ermita de Santa Ana, Salorino, España


Individual Sala Ortega Muñoz, San Vicente de Alcántara, España

'Arte contra el Hambre’ Madrid, España


Colectivo fin de curso de Escuela de Bellas Artes Eulogio Blasco, Complejo Cultural San Francisco. Cáceres

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