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Openings and cavities

The interior is what counts

The 'windows' and the 'cavities' show the interior of the stone. By polishing, the veins and different colours become visible.

The windows show the landscape through the opening. The other pieces show the inside of the stone.

In 'holes and hollows' I look for the interior. I enter the stone to make the interior visible. There the layers unfold in different colours and the veins in unexpected directions. Also the hardness changes according to the material of the inlay. This makes the work more interesting. Like with old people, you can 'read' their wrinkled faces and imagine their history, their past, their joys and their pains. Their sufferings.

On my travels I see, look, observe and listen to people, landscapes and objects and keep all the impressions. One day they may emerge from 'nothingness' which in reality is not. Sometimes things emerge in my work that seemingly come from nowhere, but actually come from the storehouse of my memories and experiences.

In my "windows" I am inspired by the Spanish landscape. Driving and walking the eye often comes across a castle, hermitage or ruin. The stone I choose adds character to my work. Marble adds a religious touch while sandstone and limestone are reminiscent of the medieval, especially with the lichens that have adhered over time thanks to the clean air of Extr

Ancla 1
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