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medusas and giants

Greek mythology and Nordic fairy tales go hand in hand.
To children who visit, I tell them that for 'the giants who live in the mountains' we buy at the 'giant's jeweller'.
During warm nights, they descend to the garden and adorn themselves with the brooches, rings and earrings. The little giants can play with the 'smiley face'. When they leave, they hang everything back in place as if nothing happened. How do I know? They walk across the lawn with heavy feet, leaving deep tracks. And sometimes, when they are in a hurry, they leave something on the ground, but they never break it.

For the 'Medusas'*, I used worn-out harrow discs. Beneath them hang tentacles made of strips of slate and scrap metal. According to Greek mythology, Medusa found death by reflection
. In this case she is reflected in the water.

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